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Sendbad W1( Wadi Rum / Full day @one night camp...
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The best wadi Rum tour with best price ,its duration very considered , because you will get the enough time to enjoy your stay in one of of the most wonderful landscapes in the world and do your favorite activities there, such as ( riding horse,camel,take long tour in uncovered back box of 4*4 desert car, rocks climbing or even flying hundreds meters in balloon over Wadi Rum or make sand ski( please pay attention that this activities fees are not included in our price).Moreover,our guests will get one night free accommodation in our hotel in Amman( Teeba Palace ) where you can rest, sleep and get hot shower. Camping in Wadi Rum we take it as very earnest activity, so in order to keep it unforgettable,so we deal only with our trusted partners their. this tour is very flexible in order to make our guests very comfort ,because its price include only the basic expenses to our guests which we know that our guests could suffer to get the service personally in it with its real price .

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